Michael Miles

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Preventing Developer Burnout

Watch this Session (includes captions)

All professionals deal with challenging, high-stress and/or high-pressure situations. Everyone has their limits, and too much stress or pressure can lead to “burnout,” a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. Burnout takes its toll not only on the individual but also co-workers, team, friends, and family. By working together, individuals and managers can avoid burnout.

This session explores the dangers of burnout and the negative impact it has on teams and individuals. We will review the three main types of burnout: Frenetic, Under-Challenged, and Worn-Out. Attendees will walk away with the ability to identify, treat, and prevent burnout in themselves and others.

More about Michael Miles

I am passionate about development and working with the latest open source technologies. I have been working in web engineering since 2003, utilizing various languages and frameworks. As the Director of Web Development at MIT Sloan, I lead the development, maintenance and growth of the digital properties for the school, as well as, the development team that supports them. I am also the host of the podcast Developing Up, which is focused on career growth and the non-technical side of being a developer.